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Sunday 11 November 2007

Unity Theatre Liverpool

Ajamu with his life map

Mapping Your History

This was a stimulating and unusual workshop that gave participants a fresh way to think about their lives. Facilitator Jo Stanley brought lots of art materials for everyone to start creating a map of the important places in their lives. Some included whole continents whilst others focused on streets and towns. Photographs of friends, lovers and family were also used to illustrate places and times in our lives. We also tried to create graphic representations of different aspects of our lives. There was an underground transport map with music and musicians as the lines and stations for example and a snakes and ladders game with snakes representing set backs and ladders showing good times. Everyone got to take their creations home - who knows what autobiographies might now be written!


History Rewritten

Fifteen people attended the reminiscence writing workshop 'Writing Our History' in February. It was a really enjoyable day and everyone had a great time discussing the good old days!

After a game testing our gay history knowledge, workshop leader Joe Standerline explained how we might structure our memories when writing them. It was clear that there were as many different experiences in the room as there were participants - who included a former monk, a comedian and a librarian and ages ranged from 20 somethings to 60 plus.

If you would like to read their reminiscences follow this link; Reminiscences

If you think you might like to sign up for the next writing workshop later this year please contact info@ourstoryliverpool.co.uk to book your place or call 07840 759 467.
Some of the participants are keen to meet again socially just to keep chatting about their lives - if you would like to join them please contact the project using the link or number above.


Writing Our History

Saturday 24th February 2007 11am - 4pm

3345, Parr St Studios, Parr Street, Liverpool L1 4JN

What did it feel like growing up gay? Where did you meet your friends and partners? How did your family react or did they never know?
February is Gay History Month - so come and write Liverpool's Gay History with local writer/performer Joe Standerline.
Your experience is our history - help us capture those memories for the future.

The workshop is FREE and we promise it will be FUN too!
Places are limited so please contact info@ourstoryliverpool.co.uk to book your place or call 07840 759 467.

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